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About us

We're a business based in West Yorkshire, offering quality items at reasonable prices. All goods carry a 12 month warranty and you can be assured of a prompt and professional service at all times.


Cheapest isn't always the best.


We might not be the lowest priced website on the internet, but sometimes it can be better to pay a little more and have peace of mind, knowing that if you do have a problem after parting with your money, it will 100% for sure be sorted out.


I don't hide from customers.


The Internet can be quite impersonal at times, with faceless sellers sending automated emails. If you have a question about any of my items, or want to buy over the phone, please feel free to call me: 01706 950112  (I don't have a 24/7 call centre in India, so not too late at night please!).



Tel: 01706 950112



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