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Ultra 8050H ultrasonic cleaner instruction manual

To download the user manual (.pdf) for the above ultrasonic cleaner, click:   DOWNLOAD

8050 ultrasonic cleaner

All of our Ultrasonic Cleaners are a superb way to clean your favourite jewellery. The JPL Ultra 8050H shown above, will remove the minute particles of dirt and grime, that build up over time, especially in rings that have stones set in them. Even with an old toothbrush, it’s all but impossible to clean jewellery 100%.


However, place your ring, necklace, bracelet, earring or watch (keep the face out of the water if its not waterproof) in the tank and within a few seconds, you will start to see the hidden buid-up of gunge dissolving in the small water tank. And within 3 minutes or so, it will be sparkling and shining again. You will be impressed. The best results come from adding our cleaning solution, Seaclean, to the Ultra 8050H Ultrasonic cleaner. Along with the benefit of having a heated water tank, using the natural jewellery cleaning fluid will add the finishing touch by removing any tarnish.



If you want to buy the Ultra 8050H Ultrasonic Cleaner, CLICK HERE